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There is nothing like knowing you have a real opportunity to affect the future in a positive way. - Tisha Johnson

You'll be part of our tech team and work closely with the engineering.

Define yourself whether you are a hipster, hacker or hustler

Hipsters: Usually working their way into the mix as the designer or creative genius, they’ll make sure the final product is cooler than anything else out there. 

Hackers: The ones most likely to sit quietly through a board meeting until uttering the three sentences that answers the all-important question of “how?” the new idea or initiative can be brought into reality.

Hustlers: They have the tendency to be the most misunderstood member of this trio. Hipsters are likely to accuse Hustlers of having sold out to the man because of their constant question of “It’s cool, but is it something our partners and clients want?”. They are also people who have the brilliant, sometimes crazy, ideas that will revolutionise the world but need the Hackers and others to help them create and build their visions.

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Two students took an exam.
One of them scored 9 marks more than the other and his score was 56% of the sum of both of their marks.

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Agnes, Pedro, Robert, Xavi, Santi and David are sitting in a row. Santi and David are in the centre. Agnes and Pedro are at the ends. Robert is sitting to the left of Agnes.

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I think 'Something Ventured' is a nice piece because it celebrates venture capital in a unique and powerful way - Nolan Bushnell

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